For a Reliable Industrial Electrical Services, Electro Technics is hear ?

Who We Are

One of our Engineer performing Routine Check on Electrical panel Designed for BIDCO FACTORY IN UGANDA.

Electro Technics- A Tradition Of Excellence

Electro Technics was registered on 7th July 2008 under the initiation of Mr. Joseph Kiwanuka.
Electro technics deals in supply of Electrical products of all types and provide quality technical service
to private and public sector, NGOs and Foreign Assistance missions.
The company has invested in technical construction tools with competent staff to carry out high quality
works and commitments. With the sologan “Creating a sustainable future through building preservation, green architecture, and smart design” we are trying to build a dream house for clients.

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If you are confused? Do not worry. We offer free consultation to help you make a decision with the best creativity and quality industrial electrical designs

Our Services


Electro technics provides a wide range of genuine quality electrical products and services. Our products’ portfolio comprises of products ranging from domestic to industrial,


We do all categories of electrical installations & fittings, be it domestic or industrial, fire detection and security systems, power control panels and electronic sensors, solar power installations,


We fabricate and manufacture all types and sizes of metallic enclosures, busbar chambers, power feeder pillars, motor starters, Automatic power transmission switches ranging from 16 Amps to 1000 Amps, etc.

Fire Detection Systems

Electro Technics remains the #1 Expert in design of Fire Suppression Systems in Uganda and East Africa

Pledge To Our Clients

Access to genuine electrical products at all times.

Warranty of 6 – 12 months offered on every item.

Guaranteed savings on services and purchases of product costs because of
reduced prices offered.

Highly skilled management and engineers.

Access to alternative brands.

  • Favorable service contract agreement on generators that are already out of


Our Principles

Quality Service

At Electro Technics, we deliver the highest quality and Strategic services to our customers / clients to their satisfaction. We are therefore constantly reinventing our service and rapidly expanding to satisfy our ever- growing clientele and to meet the increasing professional challenges and requirements of our customers / clients today.

Committed Team

We are a hard working energetic, highly skilled team of professionals, management and technical staff deeply committed to serving our customers.
Many of our employees have received advanced training from the foremost institutions in and outside Uganda.
We conduct ourselves according to the highest standard of ethics, collegiality and mutual respect and recognise that our rewards depend on responding immediately to our Customers / Clients.

Clear Direction

We strive for long-term relationships with each customer / client that build trust and confidence which comes from a thorough understanding of our customers’ industries and from our unwavering single – minded dedication to service.
We work together as a team, and maintain close contacts with numerous engineering companies in and outside Uganda to enhance the quality of our services.

Pride In Our Achievements

Everyday we work hard to earn trust by anticipating your needs and faithfully protecting your interests. We strive to create an atmosphere that challenges our employees not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them not just to respond to your needs, but to anticipate them. We are proud of our achievements. We are accountable for the business we manage and enjoy our work and fulfillment in doing it well.

Latest News


  • To be the leading and trusted suppliers of Genuine Electrical Equipments, associated accessories and
    after sale service and provision of high profile quality construction and engineering.


  • To provide value to our customers by supplying original and genuine products  and quality Technical service at affordable and relative prices.


  • The Company’s primary concept is to create a basic resource through carrying on the business of Electrical Engineering, construction & planning, Electro surveys and assemblies.
  • Import, Export, buy, sell and supply electrical materials, appliances or any goods or merchandise necessary for giving and transmitting power or energy.
  • Act as consultants, execute professional and technical advices on electrical engineering and related matters.
  • Deal in wireless and electrical goods of all descriptions, construction and engineering services,solar systems, security alarm and fire detection fittings and any other business which may be
    carried on in connection.
  • Organize materials and operate any electrical under taking of any nature.
    Business of General motor electrical engineering, plumbing and gas fitting, maintenance, servicing and distribution of the necessary accessories.
  • Deal in metal fabrication, apparatus & machinery for use in mining or quarrying and any other business related therewith.


Electro technics intends to strive for the best on all accounts to keep ahead of the field, for tomorrow as well as today.
We have listened to our customers comments and we are constantly improving the quality of our services

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